Opened in Midsummer 2022, our comfortable, well-equipped caravan park was born out of love for traveling and its freedom. From love to the feeling that arises from a bright summer night, driving on an empty highway, without a schedule, without a rush, knowing that there is a home in your vehicle and you can stop to sleep exactly when you want to sleep.

We offer a place to stay and services for other similar summer night wanderers who value no schedule.

And to others too. Of course, you can book a place or a maintenance visit with us as planned, just as far in advance as you want. And you can get to us all year round, even in the dark of winter.

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From us you can rent a hall for car washing, a garage with a crane and tools, as well as camping equipment and accommodation for hikes or day trips.

There is a car wash and a do-it-yourself garage in the car repair shop premises of our former Shell service center. You can reserve a car wash from us for self-service washing, alternatively we also offer indoor and outdoor washes as a service.

In the DIY hall, you can book a workshop place for self-service maintenance and repairs of your vehicle.

So that you don't have to buy everything yourself, you can also find a small selection of rental equipment from us. Our rental office is located in the store space of our former Shell service station, in the same courtyard area as the travel park. We are there by appointment and the best way to reach us is by phone or email.

Occasional or more regular need for replacement cleanings and inspections of your rental cabin or, for example, your airbnb apartment? From us, we now also provide reliable and flexible cleaning and forwarding services for cabins and holiday homes.

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Our home village, Muonio, is known for the world's cleanest air measured at Pallas Sammaltunturi, and according to studies, it has the happiest residents in Finland. Below are useful links and tips for the duration of your visit.

Winter activities

The nearest ski slope is about 500m from us. You can go skiing in Olos (9.8 km) or Pallas (32 km). On both of our nearby slopes you will also find a versatile setting for both skiing and, for example, snowshoeing. In addition, Pallas is known for its excellent terrains suitable for freefalling. Several of our local operators also organize versatile activities, from dog sled rides to ice fishing trips and Northern Lights safaris. By tapping on the picture, you can explore the routes in the Muonio area in more detail.

Summer activities

The nearest swimming beaches "Kiela´s beach" and Pekonen swimming beach are about 1 km from both of us. The sandy beach of Utkujärvi is located 11 km north of us, right along highway 21, and the famous Punaisenhieka sandy beach is about 36 km from us. There are many longer and shorter, multi-level hiking trails in the Pallastunturi area, and from Pallashotelli you can also access the popular Hetta-Pallas hiking trail. By tapping on the picture, you can access Muonio's electronic summer hiking map to explore the routes and hiking destinations in our area in more detail.

Village services

 The distance to the center of Muonio from us is approx. 1 km and there you can find e.g. two grocery stores, a flower shop, Finland's northernmost chocolate workshop, Muonio's tourist information and artisans' Kuura store, shoemaker, dog supply store, gift, yarn and decoration store Muonio Shop, and the Seo gas station that was featured in the music video of rap artist Mikael Gabrielink. By tapping on the picture, you will find more information about our village's companies and services.


Friija Rental

Torniontie 110, 99300 Muonio