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Tentsile Flite is a living space for 1-2 people, an independent oasis, practically a bit like a tent hanging on a tree.

Tentsilen can be placed in a location with three sturdy trees or points. On the top of a cliff, on the bank of a river, on the edge of a swamp or even over a shore - a place where waking up, staying or resting is best. Tentsile is at home even in the most urban environment and can be attached to poles, poles and other structures.

Tentsile is perfect for rowing, kayaking, cycling, nature photography trips, staying in nature, staying overnight ... really any hiking and being. However, when going on a longer hike, it is worth noting that the Tentsile weighs a little more than a normal tent and has a slightly larger pack size.

In the case of mosquitoes, the mosquito net is permanently equipped with a mosquito net, which can also be opened from two directions if space is desired.

In case of surprise rain or strong wind, the necessary rain cover is also included.

Price: 50 € / day

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