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Travel park, outdoor equipment rental, small shop, do-it-yourself halls and car wash, all under the same roof for travelers and locals,
in the village of the cleanest air in the world and happy people.
Are you stopping for us?

Current affairs:

Flea market at Friija's store on Friday August 5 and Monday-Friday 8-12 August at 12-17!
The store also sells e.g. Thetford's ration bags as well as liquids and toilet paper, camping chairs, handy water canisters, maps of nearby areas, solar cell lanterns, disposable containers and toys and yard games for children and those who like children.
Come take a look inside!

Caravanpark's seat and service visit reservations can be made electronically here through our website.
You can find more information under the heading "Caravanpark" in the menu.

Our selection of rental equipment currently includes baby carriers, hiking packs, daypacks,
sleeping bags and platforms, tents, wooden accommodation Tentsile and a SUP board!
You can find more information and the price list under the heading "Rental equipment for camping and outdoor activities" in the menu.

Two hall places and a washing place are available for rent in the do-it-yourself hall!
Reservations by phone or email.
Car washes are also available as a service, depending on the situation, by appointment.
You can find more information and prices under the heading "Do-it-yourself garages and car wash" in the menu.

Have a nice and sunny summer and a warm welcome to us!